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A computer-based simulation that teaches the fundamentals of finance and business decision-making in a team-based format.

We diagnose and identify overcharging of all expenses both direct and indirect, negotiate new rates and provide monthly compliance audits to ensure new rates stay intact while continuously benchmarking new vendors or services small to enterprise size companies throughout all the USA.

Cost Reduction Consultants delivering Value Through Insight™
Costa Rica – Latin America

TrueX Business is a business accelerator for international operations. Our objective is to make possible the success of the clients in a structured and differentiated way, acting with effectiveness, credibility and 360º vision.

Gorki Benito Fernandez

CEO-Founder | See Business Well

An enthusiastic advocate of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), best business practices, and Cost Efficiency. He strongly believes in five pillars to create a sustainable company from scratch (new venture) or an existing organization.

Gorki is passionate about assisting new entrepreneurs and Small Mid-size enterprises. He combines his extensive experience in +5 S&P 500 companies for +20 years with a broad-thinking, strategic tactic approach to produce creative but reliable solutions to support entrepreneurs. His obsession is connecting the ideas, capabilities, experiences, and dreams to make a real power path to become a profitable, sustainable enterprise.