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Business Plans

A Business Plan is a document that summarizes the operational and financial objectives of a project. It is a crucial guide to defining and executing the business’s objectives and how it plans to achieve its goals. Business Plans are the essential tool to request financing, attract investors, expand the business, and even for other purposes such as immigration or companies that want to start operations in the United States. Both startups and established companies use business plans.

Our focus in preparing a Business Plan is to understand the needs of our clients and work profoundly and transparently to elaborate a complete reference to guide their projects into success.

Depending on the case, our scope covers the market research, size of the opportunity, competitors, financial projections, governance, SWOT analysis, Risk & Opportunities, and other specific fields according to the purpose of the study.

Support to Entrepreneur

Controlling: Basic but sacred rules to avoid disruptions and financial bankruptcy. Account Payable/Receivables, cash flow, inventories, and suppliers, among others. Our solution includes diagnostic of processes, identification of risks and improvement plan according to the case.

Planning: Maintain an aggressive but reliable Plan to keep the organization focused on challenges and achievements while caring about proper execution. In addition, a healthy pace of budget revisions and actuals critical analysis are essential to keep the boat on the route. After a diagnostic based on the business dynamics, we provide the most efficient solution to be implemented into the organization or provided by us as a third-party partner.

Cost Efficiencies: Normally, organizations accumulate some inefficiencies as they grow. These are a consequence of the steady evolution. However, in some cases, this silent illness affects more than profits, organizational culture, and even external wrong perceptions. Endless revision of efficiency opportunities is mandatory for all kinds of enterprises in these challenging times. We offer different solutions according to the specific needs of the enterprise; they go from expenses optimization in utilities and processes to innovative technologic tools.

Our support to the entrepreneur also includes the initial definition of the correct type of corporation to be established, filling, and the regulatory requirements. Including FDA, DOT and others related to IRS or state authorities.

Cost Efficiencies

The inflation, resignations, high costs of materials and services, post-pandemic consequences, and no mention of other numerous elements are acting simultaneously as never seen before on the economy.
Nowadays, companies face an unprecedented challenge to stay profitable, avoid bankruptcy risks, and retain or hire employees. In addition, as time passes, companies, regardless of their size, accumulate inefficiencies because of their development. Our cost efficiencies embrace various initiatives currently applied in other companies. See Consulting works with experts in specific solutions according to the needs of your business. Our cost-efficiency projects include initiatives in diverse fields such as budget management and control, manufacturing assessments for opportunities, apps for easy and quick saving in the day by days, training, and creation of capabilities.

Education- Capabilities

See Consulting offers a variety of educational experiences aimed to improve the entrepreneurs, employees, and organizations to learn and develop new capabilities for their development in the business and finance fields.

Budgeting and control: Learn the best practices that apply to all organizations. The proper process and discipline can deliver tremendous benefits to companies to reach their objectives and reduce the risk of business disruptions due to cash flow issues, unexpected circumstances, or market changes, among others.

Business Simulator: This is a fun and efficient way to learn how decision-making works and its impact on organizational results. Simulations of investment in capacity, marketing, pricing, and other variables provide a unique learning experience through a highly enriching and dynamic group activity.

ZBB (Zero Based Budgeting): This methodology provides an efficient and sustainable way to build and control the budget. Its implementation raises a vast kind of benefits and savings, reaching in some cases economies of 20% to 50% on indirect costs.

QuickBooks: A complete set of training about the most used tool for small and mid-size organizations in the United States. Our master professionals drive the experience to learn how to obtain the best use of this tool.

We all can be successful entrepeneurs

Our solutions include support for business plan development, legal filings, and regulatory requirements to operate in the United States, business education, budgeting and planning, cost efficiencies initiatives, and financial control management.

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CEO-Founder | See Business Well

An enthusiastic advocate of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), best business practices, and Cost Efficiency. He strongly believes in five pillars to create a sustainable company from scratch (new venture) or an existing organization.

Gorki is passionate about assisting new entrepreneurs and Small Mid-size enterprises. He combines his extensive experience in +5 S&P 500 companies for +20 years with a broad-thinking, strategic tactic approach to produce creative but reliable solutions to support entrepreneurs. His obsession is connecting the ideas, capabilities, experiences, and dreams to make a real power path to become a profitable, sustainable enterprise.