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We work closely with new entrepreneurs and existing enterprises to unleash the power of their projects to lead a healthy, profitable, and growing establishment from the idea to ongoing execution.


SEE Consulting believes that today the healthy growth of small and medium-sized companies depends on strong pillars such as controlling, people capabilities, organization and especially technology column, which represents the insertion of SMEs into the digital age that large companies have accessed for many years.


Best Practices Fundamentals for SMEs

Business Plan

This is the first step after the idea. It represents the base of the “Temple” and it works like a treasure map. A decisive and precise analysis of the Market, Offering, Financials, and Governance is crucial to anticipate the journey´s challenges, and to provide the right direction to guide each decision.

People and Organization

Individuals are a key success factor of SMEs, and how they connect with their responsibilities determines the capacity to grow if exists a solid but agile controlling framework.

Capabilities and Ethic

General but not shallow knowledge about business dynamics such as finance basics, customer care, inventories, hidden cost, and technology among others. Entrepreneurs and their teams should be educated on business principles, market behaviors, ethics, and other subjects related to a successful enterprise. Education worth!

Planning and Controlling

Maintain an aggressive but reliable Plan to keep the organization focused on challenges and achievements while caring about proper execution. In addition, a healthy pace of budget revisions and actuals critical analysis are essential to keep the boat on the route. After a diagnostic based on the business dynamics, we provide the most efficient solution to be implemented into the organization or provided by us as a third-party partner. A good plan is sustainable with basic but sacred controlling rules to avoid disruptions and financial bankruptcy. Account Payable/Receivables, cash flow, inventories, and suppliers, among others. Our solution includes diagnostic of processes, identification of risks and improvement plan according to the case.


Technology: Nowadays, many applications and software are available for SMBs, however, most of the small businesses are still outside of the new digital age. There is a huge window of opportunity for entrepreneurs to use technology to improve their processes and controls quickly and significantly.

Gorki Benito Fernandez

CEO-Founder | See Business Well

An enthusiastic advocate of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), best business practices, and Cost Efficiency. He strongly believes in five pillars to create a sustainable company from scratch (new venture) or an existing organization.

Gorki is passionate about assisting new entrepreneurs and Small Mid-size enterprises. He combines his extensive experience in +5 S&P 500 companies for +20 years with a broad-thinking, strategic tactic approach to produce creative but reliable solutions to support entrepreneurs. His obsession is connecting the ideas, capabilities, experiences, and dreams to make a real power path to become a profitable, sustainable enterprise.